Brits Take Advantage Of New Policy To Protect Families

Brits Take Advantage Of New Policy To Protect Families

UK Residents are celebrating their victory while UK life insurance companies are barking mad. That’s because a shocking regulation change has given UK Residents access to Life Insurance rates which were previously not available.

“For just a few quid a month, I get the peace of mind knowing my 3 children and husband will be taken care of in case anything happens. ”

– Gemma Robben, Manchester

Think About It: As reported by the BBC, Independent, Telegraph and Guardian, London is now more dangerous than New York City. With rising knife crime, terrorist attacks and the moped gang crime rife, Life Insurance is an absolute must for everybody – especially those with a family.  The bigger the family, the bigger the policy, the better it is for them in the event something unfortunate was to happen to you. Insurance companies are highly aware of this, so they used to charge you much higher rates because they know there’s no price people won’t pay to protect their families. But that’s all changed with the new regulations in place.

Rates And Prices Unseen Before

If you have checked life insurance policies lately, then you must have noticed the rates are already so much cheaper than they used to be. Thanks to the power of the internet, you can now find great life insurance rates online, without leaving your desk. You can compare coverages, get coverages bespoken to you, and perhaps even get more coverage for less money.

How Does it Work?

  • Just a few pounds a week for cover –
    Insurance plans are surprisingly cheap, and for the worry they relieve it’s a small price to pay.
  • Freedom of choice –
    You choose a plan that works for you with the coverage you need.
  • Peace of mind  –
    Remove any unnecessary stress from both you and your family.