#1 Benefit Worth £1000s – Why Are So Many Missing Out?

Insurance normally takes your money, right? Well, at least until this policy came along. Now UK residents are literally saving £1000s with this new policy. But apparently many are still missing out on this opportunity.

#1 Benefit Worth £1000s – Why Are So Many Missing Out?

James and 1000’s like him have acted to keep their accounts filled

Expensive! That’s what most people think when it comes to insurance. But just how expensive is it, really? What’s important to remember is that many companies inflate their insurance rates. Which naturally means more money for them, and less for you. The thing is, insurance doesn’t have to cost a lot!


“Sudden illness and accident aren’t a guarantee. Few think about what would happen to them if they were suddenly disabled or could no longer work. What about mortgage repayments, household bills… Or even your children? That’s why many turn to life cover. However, many see it as prohibitively expensive.”
“Thankfully, this no longer has to be case thanks to new developments.”

On top of the low and affordable rates, you should consider this: 

“A survey from Zurich found that people think the risk of them being unable to work due to illness or injury is less than 10%. However, research found that up to 25% of us could be affected, with very few being able to make ends meet if they lost their income.”

The secret to this all is income protection insurance – and its one of the best safety nets you could ever have. But what is it, exactly?

What Income Protection Is… And How It Can Help You

  • Income protection replaces part of your income. If you lost the ability to work, you’re still guaranteed a stable salary
  • Payment lasts until you can work again. No questions asked! It’s really that simple
  • It can be used in conjunction with sick pay. Organize it so that payments begin once sick pay ends
  • 99.99% of work-hindering illnesses are covered
  • Claim as many times or as often as you need it

There’s no time like the present to sort your future out – no matter your age, no matter what happens, this policy has you covered.

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#1 Benefit Worth £1000s – Why Are So Many Missing Out?