Brits Born Between 1932-1971 Celebrate, Claiming Up To £10,000s In Coverage

Insurance Companies Barking Mad While UK Public Rejoices

Brits Born Between 1932-1971 Celebrate, Claiming Up To £10,000s In Coverage

UK Residents Get The Massive News They Have Been Waiting For

After weeks of speculation with the public waiting, UK residents were given the news they have been eagerly hoping to hear. The newly approved scheme gives UK residents currently with no funeral cover access to ‘secret’ coverage worth £10,000s for a few quid a month. Essentially UK parents and grandparents can now protect their families with £10,000s of coverage for less than the cost of a loo roll a month.

A Way For Parents To Gift £10,000s Down To Children

It’s no secret that most UK residents are barely able to save any money in today’s economy. Unknown to many Brits, funeral cover is actually one of the many ways the rich ensures generations continue to get richer because what better way to ensure the kids are looked after than to give them a load of cash. That money can then be used to pay off the mortgage, student loans, credit cards and even child care. The point is there’s no price on the peace of mind and security it can get you.

Free Tool To Help UK Residents Navigate Through All The Plans

It would be impossible for any normal person to find all the information on their own because like all these schemes, its a nightmare to put all the pieces together. That’s why a tool was created specifically to help the UK public find the best plans at the cheapest cost based on where they live.

There is no cost & no obligation to see if you qualify. 

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