“My Husband Died Penniless, But Left Me £10,000s”

“He’s always taken care of me, even after he’s gone”

"My Husband Died Penniless, But Left Me £10,000s"

After my husband died I was inconsolable — I lost my best friend and thought I would also lose the roof over my head. Until his final gift arrived in the mail…

My husband Mike always took pride in providing for our family, and while he never made much money, we never wanted for anything. After he died suddenly at 57 in May I was shocked — my life turned into a nightmare.

It was bad enough losing my best friend. Our 9 year old daughter was heartbroken. But, I was also facing a more practical and terrifying question:

“How am I going to pay the bills?”

Mike was always the provider. I haven’t worked in almost 30 years. I thought we would have to sell the house and move in with my parents until I could get the first job available.

Then, less than a week after he passed a small envelope came in the mail. I opened it and immediately my financial worries were gone. Apparently, Mike had secretly taken out a funeral cover policy in a new program just two years ago. He knew I would worry about him if he told me — I always avoided such things — so he must have done it in secret.

Now, he’s still providing for me and our daughter. I wish he was by my side every day, but I’m so grateful he found this program and ensured we’ll never want for anything.

Just like when he was here.

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This is the program on the envelope that came that day. I’ve since found out Mike took out a policy starting at just 26p per day, and amazingly enough, that’s all it cost to provide for his family after he’s gone. 

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