Beyond Retirement: Are Brits Planning Ahead Enough?

Planning ahead for children’s university tuition and retirement are standard pieces of advice most people follow. But many scoff at the idea of funeral insurance. Yet there is still one major drawback – the financial burden it’ll leave on your loved ones when you’re gone..

“Out of Control” – Early Planning & Avoiding Inherited financial liabilities

“It was hard to think straight or hear what the funeral director was saying. I was shattered losing my mum. 1 month later I had a £8380 funeral bill. It felt like my Mum died all over again when I had to put it all on credit cards.” – Haley Smith, Manchester.

Effective financial planning can save us from a lot of life’s unexpected misfortunes – many of which are financial. Since few older people even dare to think about death, the idea of funeral insurance never crosses their mind. But…

…these days, it makes perfect sense to plan early.

Beyond Retirement: Are Brits Planning Ahead Enough?


It’s simple – funeral insurance doesn’t actually cost a lot. In addition, you’ll quickly and easily save your loved ones from having to foot bills worth thousands of pounds.

The Younger, The Better – Plan Your Legacy

It’s simple – funeral insurance saves money. And with that money, you can leave a legacy that’ll help your loved ones. While this will never replace the person they’ve lost, it can be a gift that makes life easier. And that’s what most people want for their families when they’re gone.

“I will always be thankful that my Mum decided to pay for her own funeral. Her grandchild went to college because of her. It was Mum’s ultimate gift to the family.” – Nigel Aiden, London

Reality Check – Could you cover your own funeral?

Not only is it quick and simple to check – it’s actually completely free.

But in terms of being real, there really is no time like the present to plan the future. By now, most people have saved for their retirement. In fact, many have a bit of money stashed away for their kids – whether for uni, or simply to help them put a deposit down on a house.

So why would saving them from exorbitant funeral costs be any different?

Beyond Retirement: Are Brits Planning Ahead Enough?

It’s quick and easy to see if you qualify for cheaper rates

Step 1: Choose your county in the map below to check if you qualify.

Step 2: Once you go through the quick 30 second quiz, you  can find out if you qualify to cover your funeral for as little as 26p/day. Many people report saving thousands over their lifetime.


Beyond Retirement: Are Brits Planning Ahead Enough?