His Final Gift SP Gemini


His Final Gift SP Gemini

His final gift helped Anna get through the hard griefing part. Tears were running down her face as she opened the letter, this letter contained one clear message only for her...

It said: "Thank you for always being there for me, I'm loving your light, vulnerable, letting your guard down is honorable. Especially when the past was not friendly to you, but there is magic in that. You're the flower that I got to protect, that is why I have covered our assets in life insurance so that you may carry on feeling secured and well.

What he was talking about was life insurance.

Life Insurance is another insurance worth considering. 1000s of Brits have it already, and those that don't can consider securing one for themselves and their family.

Life insurance is similar to other insurances you may have - you pay a premium to the provider who provides you with an agreed level of cover then, if you pass whilst the plan is in force, the provider will pay the agreed sum assured to either the named beneficiaries of the plan or your estate.

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