New Policy Protects Families Against Rising Costs

Rising costs almost ruined Maria financially

New Policy Protects Families Against Rising Costs

Maria from Winchester, recently buried her husband, it would’ve cost her almost ten thousand pounds if it weren't for her husband’s final gift… It saved Maria from financial ruin and has secured her financially for the rest of her life.

Husband’s Final Gift Gave Her Security For A Lifetime

Before he passed away Mark saw a fragment on the telly about the rising cost of life insurance, fearing that he didn’t want to leave his beloved wife Maria with unprecedentedly high costs he searched the internet for cheaper life insurance, luckily he found it very fast and secured him and his wife to cheaper life insurance with even better rates in case the worse would happen. Unfortunately, the worse seemed closer than both of them would've have hoped for.

New Policy Protects Families Against Rising Costs

With rising costs and uncertainty from Covid and Brexit, Brits are facing an ever-mounting level of financial risk. When disaster strikes with the death of a family member, the effects are on British families are devastating!

Rates And Prices Unseen Before

Stories like that of Mark aren't uncommon nowadays. If you have checked life insurance policies lately, then you must have already noticed the rates are so much cheaper than they used to be. Thanks to the power of the internet, you can now find great life insurance rates online, without leaving your desk. You can compare coverages, get coverages bespoken to you, and perhaps even get more coverage for less money.

Affordable Life Cover is available after filling out a 30-second questionnaire. Starting from only 26p* a day, acceptance to this program is guaranteed for UK residents, without medical or health questions needed!

There is no cost & no obligation to see if you qualify. Take a 30 Second Survey To Get Your Quote Today »

Here's How You Do It:

● Step 1: Select your age and see how much coverage you can get.

● Step 2: Answer a few questions (take less than a minute) and discover rates you never thought possible.

*Life Insurance quoted rates are based the equivalent of £3,500 cover for a 53 year old on an Increasing Premium Plan with a 12 month Accidental Death Period. Premiums are dependent on age and cover.