Car Insurance – Where to Get the Best Deal

Car Insurance – Where to Get the Best Deal

Car insurance deals: it’s quite simple, really. You’re legally obliged to pay for cover, but you don’t want it to cost an arm and a leg. Just read through our quick, handy guide and get informed.

car insurance deals

You want to find a good car insurance deal. That’s why having a guide is a good idea. Customers can find cheap and very cheap car insurance through online comparison services and insurance brokers.

If you take a bit of advice from our guide, you could potentially save hundreds of pounds on your car insurance.

Car Insurance – Lowering your risk

Just because car insurance is cheap doesn’t mean it’s the best. However, drivers can do a couple of things to ensure that their premiums remain low. While you may not be able to do all of them, at least following a couple could shave a few pounds off your policy.

  • Car Security: Have an approved alarm or immobiliser, try to park in a garage or driveway as much as possible and ensure that your security devices are Thatcham approved.
  • Drive a Model from a Low Insurance Group: Cars from low insurance groups often command lower premiums. In essence, an insurance provider will prefer a car that isn’t expensive to fix.
  • Be Accurate About Mileage: If your yearly mileage is lower, your premium will be as well. However, underestimating your mileage may invalidate the policy when you make a claim.
  • Drive Safely: Safe driving is a must regardless of why you do it – but proving that you’re a low-risk driver may prompt some insurers to give you a discount. Proving this can be done through taking an advanced driving course or a Pass Plus. More can be found here (GOV.UK).
  • Be Wary of Points: Any claim you make will increase your premiums. The same can be said for those who get points on their license.

In addition to these, adding a second driver can also help in getting very cheap car insurance. This counts even if they don’t use the vehicle that much.

Lowering the price of a car insurance deal

There are other little things that could lower the price of your car insurance. These include paying annually and paying only for what you need. Breakdown cover may be included in your policy, but you could get it separately elsewhere and it may even be cheaper. This is of course up to you but it could be very beneficial.

Shopping around

When it comes to getting car insurance deals and quotes, you should put some time and research into it. This usually yields good results, especially if you’re under 25 or over 70. Try to get quotes from at least two comparison sites but also consider brokers and insurers that aren’t on comparison sites. It is also good to remember that very cheap car insurance isn’t always the best car insurance!

Other ways of getting cheap car insurance deals

One very important thing to do when getting car insurance is reading the Key Facts and Policy Wording documents. If you don’t, you won’t be sure that you’re getting the right cover. Those who renew with the same insurer will also need to check if the terms and conditions have been changed or updated. And finally, asking for a discount never hurts!