Comparing Insurance – Should We Use Comparison Sites?

Comparing Insurance – Should We Use Comparison Sites?

You can use a number of methods to compare insurance: from comparison sites to insurance brokers. Comparison sites, in particular, offer a wide range of choice. In addition, they’re incredibly flexible: you can look up insurance quotes any time of the day or night. Many users do find, however, that they have certain limitations. Unfortunately, many of these limitations don’t transpire until they’re actually purchased the insurance.

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The concept of price comparison is just that: comparing price. With insurance comparison, you’re essentially seeing which offer costs more, and for what features.

However, there is something you should remember when you compare insurance offers with these platforms…

…they’re showing prices, nothing more.

So, when you compare insurance on a platform like, you’ll receive a list of results. The first result, though the cheapest, may not always be the best.

So, make sure to keep the following in mind when you compare insurance.

Compare insurance offers with different platforms

There are various different insurance comparison websites nowadays, some big and some small. Try them all out: insurance companies may not always have their brand and products listed on one site. By restricting yourself to a certain platform, you could end up missing out on some very good deals.

Important: Comparison sites don’t actually “sell” insurance. Their money primarily comes from advertising… Though they do receive commission when someone buys a product through their site. This is no different from how insurance brokers do it.

Compare Insurance features and not just prices

Those trying to compare insurance offers need to know that comparison websites will try and “hook” them. That means showing the lowest prices – which is what most customers want. But cheap insurance policies aren’t always good value: and, in some cases, they’re little more than a waste of money!

Advice from comparison sites isn’t always regulated, either. You’ll definitely get information about the policy, but whether it’s suitable for what you need is entirely up to you. That’s often where a broker can come in handy, as you’ll have a more in-depth way to compare insurance.