Family Health Insurance – Is It Necessary?

Family Health Insurance – Is It Necessary?

Family health insurance plans are a must if you’re raising children. Many treatments are covered by the NHS. However, plenty of families prefer to take out private in order to skip the queues. At Insurfolio we aim to show you the way to getting the right policy.

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Taking out a private health insurance plan in the UK is always a good idea. For single people, it is rather straightforward: you simply sign up to a policy that suits you. But what if it’s more than just yourself? Your spouse and your children also need cover: and that’s where family health insurance comes in.

Family health insurance plans will give you full peace of mind.

If you want to know how family health insurance differs from other private medical policies, then read on.

Just what is family health insurance?

Health insurance types differ, but with private family medical cover policies you normally pay a single monthly premium. Should you or a member of your family (who is covered) fall ill, they’ll be given access to treatment. What’s important to remember is that these policies can vary dramatically: basic cover provides essential medical car and comprehensive policies could offer a host of extras and complementary medicines.

One of the biggest benefits family health insurance offers is the ability to skip the long waiting lines on the NHS. Generally speaking, children are only allowed to be added to your policy if they are under 18. If they’re in full-time education then this can be extended to 25. However, always check your policy as each one can be different.

What do family health insurance plans include?

As stated before, family health insurance plans can vary. Each one will have different specifics. You just don’t want to find out about them on the day you need to make a claim. Instead, be sure to check your policy when you sign up for it. This way, you can easily avoid having to shell out extra cash or being denied treatment.

Usually, private medical cover will include hospital stays, surgery and medication. Some policies may offer medication that the NHS doesn’t. Certain higher-end policies could also offer further therapy, specialist consultations and additional treatments. For parents who want to ensure that their children get the best treatment, this is often a source of huge relief.

Things to keep in mind: exclusions

Always remember that health insurance policies don’t always provide cover for chronic conditions. You or a family member may receive a diagnosis and initial treatment, but lifelong care is not guaranteed (and most times, unlikely). This includes some of the most comprehensive policies. In addition, there are other things which may not be included:

  • GP or dentist visits.
  • Injuries obtained through drug abuse or self-harm.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Cosmetic Surgery: Some policies may even refuse to cover emergencies rising from this
  • Regular, ongoing treatments: Such as vaccinations.

However, you can take out a separate policy which will cover these problems.

Be aware that insurers will not protect against existing conditions for new customers, so if you are diagnosed with something for which you need to make regular claims then you will need to remain with your current insurer.

You should also be aware that your insurer won’t cover pre-existing conditions.

Is family health insurance necessary for us?

Since we live in the UK, we’re extremely fortunate that medical treatment is free through the National Health Service. For those who decide they don’t have the money, family health insurance isn’t an extreme necessity. In fact, there are some brilliant treatment facilities for young people and children.

Some may even opt to spend their money on a life insurance policy. Or, you could choose to put it into savings which will help your family in the long run – more than what health insurance would. At the same time, you may still want to cover your loved ones. So, overall it is up to your as to whether this is a good idea.