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Home insurance comes in three different categories: contents, buildings and combined policies. With buildings, the cover protects the actual building or property. Contents covers anything that’s continued within the house or apartment such as jewellery, televisions, computers, clothes and more. Combined policies do just what they describe: insure both the building and the contents.


What Are Buildings and Contents Insurance Good For?


Generally speaking, if you rent then you don’t need buildings insurance. After all, your concern will be the valuables you keep on the property. For this reason, it is property owners who will be looking for these kinds of quotes. In essence, it simply covers the property in the case of damages such as fires, flood and a range of other disasters.


Contents insurance allows you to get financial compensation if any valuables in the home are stolen and/or damaged. This also includes any items that are regularly taken out of the home (such as a camera or a laptop). There are many different policies offering different types of compensation, so you must read the terms and conditions very carefully. This way, you’ll know what’s covered and what you can claim for if anything does happen.


Home Insurance in the UK: Further Information


Whether you’re looking for insurance concerning building or contents, or a combined home policy, comparing quotes and looking at the market is necessary. This is why we at Insurfolio have taken the time to research and find the best offers out there for homeowners and renters alike.


The importance of your house and home can never be emphasized enough. While you may think that it couldn’t happen to you, burglaries are surprisingly common. By making sure you have the right level of protection, you won’t be left in the financial lurch when replacing valuable items.