Motorbike Insurance – What You Should Know

Motorbike Insurance – What You Should Know

Motorbike insurance – it’s illegal to go without it. In many cases, it can also be a bit more expensive than car insurance due to the risk. Make sure you know all the facts before taking out a policy.

motorbike insurance

Motorbikes are cool – fact. But like cars, drivers still need cover. This is where finding the best and cheapest motorbike insurance comes into play.

Any vehicle on the road is required to have insurance – and that includes motorcycles. Of course, this can end up being pricier thanks to the higher risks that come with motorcycles.

First things first: Insurance types

Just like with any other kind of vehicle coverage (car or van), insurance for motorbikes comes in three broad main categories.

  • Third party: This is the type of cover that’ll pay off the costs of damage you do to others, whether that be to a person or to property.
  • Third party, fire and theft: The same as the former, but also provides cover in the case of fire or your motorbike being stolen.
  • Comprehensive: This covers absolutely everything – as well as extras such as cover for the bike itself.

Of course, motorbike insurance varies depending on the kind of bike you have. You can have a look at your policy and decide what you need. With motorbike insurance, there are often many extras – cover for modifications and accessories, for example. Do you have a moped? A Q-plated bike? Quad bike? All of this needs to be taken into account when considering motorbike insurance!

Cheap motorbike insurance – Where to find it

There are tonnes of things that can cause the price of your motorbike insurance to go up. However, drivers need not despair: there is plenty that can be done to keep costs down. Comparing is usually the best place to start, as you’ll see quotes that suit your specific needs especially when it comes to model, type and mileage.

What you can do:

  • Take note of the things that make your motorbike insurance See what you can change – your rates may actually be cheaper if you manage to make a few small adjustments.
  • What’s the horsepower? The bigger the engine, the higher the insurance costs. If you don’t absolutely need it: well, maybe a modest bike would be best.
  • Modifications can raise your premiums. However, if these are done with added security and safety, you may indeed get cheaper rates!

Motorbike insurance and going electric

Motorbike insurance now exists for electric bikes: if you want to go green, you’re in luck. Again, there are some handy things you can do to keep prices down:

  • Be safe: Make sure your bike is locked in a garage, or somewhere that makes theft difficult. Add locks, add alarms. This will make your provider happy.
  • Consider yourself: how old are you? What driving experience do you have? Your safety record on the road will also be taken into consideration.

These are just a few things you can do to get cheap motorbike insurance. Always remember to consider these options – and check your policy. It can make for a much better deal!