Multi Trip Travel Insurance – A Breakdown

Multi Trip Travel Insurance – A Breakdown

Also known as annual multi trip travel insurance, this type of cover insures you for any trips you make within a period of 12 months. If you are a frequent traveller, it is often a worthwhile policy to take out.

multi trip travel insurance

Multi trip travel insurance can end up being more cost-effective than a single trip policy if you travel often or are going on several holidays in one year. It doesn’t matter if you’re a single traveller or travelling as a couple…

…multi trip travel insurance is worthwhile if you travel more than three times a year.

The benefits of multi trip travel insurance

Surprisingly, only 19% of people actually think to organize multi trip travel insurance. Many will simply go with a single trip policy each time – no matter how many times a year they travel. In some ways, it is understandable: this type of cover does seem to cost a lot more from the outset.

For regular travellers however, this type of cover offers substantial benefits.

First of all, multi trip travel insurance covers…

  • Medical cover: If you have an accident or fall ill on holiday, you’ll be able to get medical attention. If necessary, it may also cover your costs of returning to the UK.
  • Cancellations and delays are a common risk of travel and therefore a policy like this will cover you for these possibilities
  • Baggage loss is also included.

But there’s more: with a comprehensive annual multi trip policy you could also receive cover for any money you take with you, as well as any valuable items. Personal accident and liability can also be covered.

Length of Time: How many days can you use with multi trip travel insurance?

Annual travel cover is primarily designed for individually who travel more than three times a year. Usually, cover lasts for around 31 consecutive days per trip. Usually, these days aren’t unlimited – you’ll have to look at the specifications given by your insurer. Remember, though: some insurers are happy to offer extended periods of travel. Some even offer up to 60 days extra – at an additional cost.

Annual multi trip cover isn’t suitable for everyone

Like all types of cover, multi trip travel insurance isn’t necessarily suitable for everyone. For example, if you’re staying at your destination for more than 31 days. In addition, if you’re in the process of getting tests for certain medical conditions you may want to avoid taking out this type of policy. Single trip policies may be a better option if you’re travelling with a medical condition.