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It may sound made up but believe it or not – pet insurance is a booming industry. Humans have had pets and working animals for literally thousands of years. While our pets often no longer do any heavy work around the house, they are still very much an integral part of the family.


What kinds of pet insurance can you get?


Surprisingly, there are many different types of pet insurance. You can get cover for dogs, cats, birds, reptiles… the list goes on and on. For the most part, this type of policy is designed to look after your animal’s health and well-being. For example, if you don’t want to pay high vet bills then taking out a policy is well worth it, especially if your pet needs an expensive type of medication.


So essentially, pet cover is a type of health insurance for your animal!


What sort of features are provided?


That usually depends on the pet insurance policy you take out. Typically though, your pet will be covered for all of the usual things: check ups at the vet, yearly medication, vaccinations, operations etc. But health isn’t the only thing you can get. For example…


  • Third party liability cover may be included in a policy (if your dog, for example, injures another party or damages their property).
  • Certain policies may also pay out if your pet dies (this is normally a specific feature).
  • Accident cover features pay your pet’s medical bills if they are involved in an accident.
  • Very often, cremation costs are also provided for by the insurer.


And many, many more! As with most types of cover, it’s important to look at the specific details of the policy. Of course, you may not actually need pet cover – so it is up to you to determine whether you’ll be able to cover the veterinary bills yourself with relative ease.