This App Is Why I Make $100k Per Year


“I never knew I could be this confident”

This App Is Why I Make $100k Per Year01.04.2021
This App Is Why I Make $100k Per YearDr. Richard Parker

This App Is Why I Make 0k Per Year

Do you know that feeling when you’re trying to speak a new language with native speakers but just can’t keep up? Especially when you’re working in a new country, that feeling is way more relatable than you’d like to admit. But you’re not the only one.

Last year, 78% of employees working in a foreign country reported feeling like they couldn’t confidently share their ideas with their coworkers, especially in informal conversations – just because of their limited language skills.

Far from home and finding it tough to cope with the language? 

Life for Mark Twain, 28, was similarly challenging. As an English-speaking American who had to  move to Germany for his new job, he tried his best to familiarize himself with the basics of German before he moved. However, when in Germany, he found that although he had a lot to say during unofficial work conversations, he couldn’t keep up with the pace of the conversations. 

“It felt like even when I did try to speak, they didn’t quite get what I was trying to say. Sometimes, I didn’t know the right words and sometimes I don’t think I pronounced the words quite right. It made me want to stay away from any social events,” he recalls. But that only made him feel more alienated than ever, almost as though he wasn’t even an important part of his team. 

He really wanted to find a solution…

A Google search led him to an online forum where other expats reported similar experiences. Of all the responses on the forum, there was one answer recommending the Rosetta Stone app. The person who responded was a 35-year old English woman who had moved to France just a couple of years ago and she declared that finding the app was the best thing to ever have happened to her. 

Although he had his doubts, Mark downloaded it too, because it seemed like it was worth a shot; especially because they did offer him a free trial too. After using it for a few weeks, he declared to himself that this was not a language-learning but a language-mastery app. Not only did it help him prepare for real-world conversations by steering him away from ‘textbook-style language’ but it also helped him fine-tune his pronunciations and accent. 

“In just three months, I could feel myself being more communicative and confidently taking charge of projects, not to mention actually being able to contribute to conversations about work,” he said. 

The real turning point for him, though, was when he bagged his first assignment as a team lead for a crucial project in less than a year of working at his new job, because his supervisor was confident that communication barriers wouldn’t stand in the way of the team’s success. 

He could hardly believe that in just 6 months of using the app, he was able to move from feeling like an outsider to a core member of his team! 

You don’t have to feel alienated from your team, either. 

When we heard his story, we were convinced that this is something that could potentially change lives! Just a simple boost of confidence and the right language tool by your side can help you become a valuable member of your team and also experience massive career growth – faster than you’d have imagined. You can download the app here; hurry, it’s on an irrefutable discount right now just for our readers!





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