The Secret To Your Well-Being Isn’t Complicated At All, Say Scientists


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The Secret To Your Well-Being Isn’t Complicated At All, Say Scientists01.04.2021
The Secret To Your Well-Being Isn’t Complicated At All, Say ScientistsRichard Parker

The Secret To Your Well-Being Isn’t Complicated At All, Say Scientists

You’ve probably heard about how learning a language can enhance your intelligence, before. But did you know that it can also enhance your wellbeing significantly? 

Here are 5 ways that learning a language contributes to your well-being, making you instantly happier! 

It’ll make you a lot smarter

Studies show that learning a language can help you improve your memory, think critically, listen better, and multitask effectively.¹

It’ll help you advance your career

The corporate world has been increasingly globalized and cross-border communications are more pivotal to organizational success than ever before. Multilingual workers are in demand, so you can expect to use your working knowledge of a second language to effectively communicate with international partners and employees, and even potentially negotiate business deals. 

It’ll boost your confidence

When you start learning a new language and communicating with new people, you are bound to make mistakes in front of other people. Focusing on improving your language skills might give you a few red-cheeked instances at the start, but eventually, you’ll notice that these instances don’t really matter – helping you be a lot more confident in other aspects of your life too. 

It’ll open up your world

Communicating with people across cultures in their language helps you connect with them on a deeper level! It also helps you travel differently, and on the whole experience a broader mindset. 

You’re going to make more rational decisions

Did you know that thinking in a language that isn’t your mother tongue, can help you distance yourself from emotional biases – leading to more balanced and rational decisions? So if your German/Italian/French-speaking self tells you to do something, you probably arrived at that conclusion VERY logically. 

The above benefits tap into two very essential areas of your wellbeing, your mental and social health; and scientists say that you can learn a new language by spending as little as 30 minutes a day. 

Try out a 3-day free trial of this incredible language app that thousands of people are using globally, and start experiencing improved wellbeing today! 

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