Your Neighbors Are Snagging $100,000s In Coverage, Why Should You Miss Out?


GEICO helps homeowners protect themselves and loved ones using their new smart toolkit

Your Neighbors Are Snagging $100,000s In Coverage, Why Should You Miss Out?01.04.2021
Your Neighbors Are Snagging $100,000s In Coverage, Why Should You Miss Out?Richard Parker

Your Neighbors Are Snagging 0,000s In Coverage, Why Should You Miss Out?

American homeowners rejoice

Most home insurance plans are built like Swiss cheese. Whether it’s insufficient coverage, a massive deductible or simply finding ways to wiggle out of their obligations, homeowners know how difficult it can be to deal with bad insurance companies.

But from 24/7 customer support to bulletproof plans, massive savings to customizable coverage; it’s no coincidence millions of Americans trust GEICO more than anyone else.

To help more Americans, GEICO is pioneering a free tool that makes it easy to see how much coverage you need (and whether your current plan is actually a good deal).

GEICO’s FREE tool helps homeowners claim $100,000s in coverage

GEICO’s new free tool is helping homeowners determine exactly how much coverage they need and how much they want to pay. It’s ending the days of unscrupulous insurance companies exploiting homeowners by giving them the worst deals and the highest rates — now homeowners can use the tool to avoid these all-too-common pitfalls.

Acting now is more important than ever

This tool is so popular that it’s all but guaranteed to reach capacity by the end of this month. If you’re a homeowner and you’re unhappy with your current insurance (or simply curious to see if you’re getting ripped off), you need to check this out today. And if you’re a first-time homebuyer the tool will help you ensure you get the best insurance possible at a price that will save you huge over the long term.

There is no cost & no obligation to see if you qualify. Take The Fun 30 Second Quiz Now »

Here’s How You Do It:

● Step 1: Click on GEICO’s tool and enter your zip code

● Step 2: Answer a few simple questions (takes less than a minute) 

● Step 3: Get $100,000s in ironclad coverage for the lowest price possible