Category - Travel Insurance

Travel or holiday insurance is exactly what it says on the tin – cover for when you travel. While quite a lot of people may not be thinking about taking out a policy, it can be a very valuable asset to have.


When travelling abroad, there is often a greater amount of risk involved. Plenty of things can go wrong – your flight can be delayed/cancelled, it’s easy to get disoriented in unfamiliar settings and have valuables stolen etc.


Which is why paying a little extra for protection will ensure that you easily overcome any difficulties you face.


Just what does travel insurance offer?


For the most part, travel insurance often provides you with a specific type of health cover when you’re abroad. This is often why it is a sensible option to choose, especially if you’re travelling anywhere outside of Europe.


For example, with holiday health cover you…


  • …can get access to the highest standard of medical care in the country you’re visiting.
  • …if not available, many policies will allow you to be flown back to the UK in order to receive treatment there.


Are there any other types?


Beyond health concerns, other types of cover exist including backpacker insurance. You can also avail of multi trip policies. Multi trip cover, for example, is great for those who travel frequently throughout the year and often work out a lot cheaper. The specifics of each policy can again depend on what you’re looking for, so always make sure to read the terms and conditions carefully.


Travel insurance may seem like a frivolous, extra add-on to all of your current policies. But if you’re someone who likes to travel a lot, a cover plan like this will do you the world of good. After all, you never know if or when a flight will be delayed – or if you’ll need medical attention.