Types of Holiday Insurance – What Else Is There?

Types of Holiday Insurance – What Else Is There?

Some types of holiday carry greater risk than other. Which is why holiday insurance policies vary. For example: ski holiday insurance is common. But there are many, many other types of policy that you can take out. And of course, travel insurance doesn’t just cover any health issues you may have. It covers you for the most important things while you’re on a trip abroad.

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If you’re jetting off soon, you may very well feel overwhelmed with the choice out there. There is a good reason for it, however. Since travelling poses many risks, insurers must cover all bases. Unfortunately for the customer, it can get a little confusing.

Usually, the kind of plan you choose depends on what you want.

For example, you may be concerned about medical facilities in the country you’re travelling too. Certain plans will cover your trip home, ensuring you get the level of treatment you’re accustomed to.

And then there are policies that also cover things like flight delays, lost/stolen money etc. In addition, frequent travellers may opt for annual holiday insurance (also known as a multi trip travel plan).

Knowing what kind of holiday insurance you need

If you’ve never taken out holiday insurance before, it can be confusing. You may be unaware of what you should have covered and what is unnecessary. And the last thing anyone wants is to spend more than they need on cover.

So, as a prospective traveller you want to know just what you should pay for.

Single Trip Travel Insurance

This type of holiday insurance is very cost effective for the infrequent traveller. “Infrequent” in this case means a person who takes one or two trips a year. And yes, this counts for both short and long trips. A maximum of eight individuals can be signed up to a single policy. This is what makes it particularly useful for families who are travelling.

Annual multi trip travel insurance

For anyone who travels more than 2-3 times a year and who likes taking spontaneous breaks, this policy is better value. Essentially, you receive cover for an entire year. By taking out this policy, you’ll be covered no matter how much you travel.

In addition, you can get individual, couple or family policies.

Handy: Two adults on the same holiday insurance policy are allowed to travel separately. However, children under 18 cannot.

Other Types of holiday insurance

The above two policies are pretty large categories. However, there are further types and subcategories which are useful depending on your circumstances.

  • Pre-existing medical conditions often warrant their own cover. The majority of travel insurance policies do not provide cover automatically. To get it, you have to agree on it beforehand with your insurer.
  • Cruise ship travel insurance exists – as an extension to standard holiday insurance. Its features are specific to cruises. For example, you’ll be compensated for missing your boat, cover of unused excursions and cabin confinement.
  • With winter sports cover (for skiing, snowboarding, sledging), cover will be necessary for accidents. In addition, you may also need to be rescued from a mountain side. So, keep that in mind!

In Conclusion

Ultimately when it comes to holiday insurance, you want all your bases covered (literally). Bear in mind, as always, that there will be a different between providers. Which is why its always good to compare insurance rates.