Limited Life Insurance Deal: Alleviate Your Family’s Financial Worries

Limited Life Insurance Deal: Alleviate Your Family's Financial Worries

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Don’t be a financial burden!

60% of UK residents do not have a protection plan such as a life insurance, even though statistics show that the costs of a funeral or cremation will increase by 20% by 2024. And these are not the only costs that can hit a family after a loved one’s death. The family has to come up with the money for mortgages, school and university tuition fees, day trips, music lessons or sport clubs of their kids and much more.

Look at the case of Mary:

The last 20 years she was a housewife and mother of four children. When her husband died, she was overwhelmed with the emotional loss as well as the financial burden. In order to pay the mortgage, the ongoing costs and the funeral, she started working at a fast food restaurant during the day and afterwards as a cleaning lady. Despite all her efforts, the family lost their beloved home because it was much more important to pay the kids’ tuition fees.
The husband was a perfectly healthy man in his middle 50’s who died in an accident on his way to work. Who’s to say this can not happen to you? Have you protected your family from a tragic loss like this?

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