Category - Vehicle Insurance

Vehicle insurance is mandatory in the UK: if you drive a car, you must insure it. This leads many people to ask what the best car insurance quotes are and to look for cheap car insurance. With a plethora of information, offers and deals out there this tends to make many people freeze and unable to really consider their options.


This isn’t a choice, however. That’s why it’s good to take the time to look over all of the options you have.

Car and Vehicle Insurance: Getting the Best Value


When it comes to insurance for your car or indeed any other kind of vehicle, you don’t want to pay high premiums. If you do, you’ll want to get the best cover. This is where you should compare car insurance offers and know what kind of insurance you’ll need. In the UK, there are three types:


  • third party
  • third party fire and theft
  • comprehensive


The Components of Car Cover Plans


Cover plans for cars and vehicles usually come in the form of one of the above three types. Third party, which is mandatory, covers injury or damage done to other persons or properties. Third party, fire and theft adds extra cover not only for others but also for instances where your car might be stolen or damaged/destroyed by fire. Comprehensive car insurance covers everything.


This means that the kind of vehicle insurance you choose depends on your needs and budget. In the long run, comprehensive cover is definitely the most sensible option. Should you be in an accident and you or your car suffer damage or injury, repair and medical expenses will be paid off. We at Insurfolio want to ensure that all of our customers get the best deals they can: for both the protection of themselves and others.